I often get the question “where do you find all those models?”. And the answer is as always not as easy as the question.

In the early years I literally had to ask the girl next door or at the supermarket. Why? because none in their right mind thinking models trusts a photographer with nothing to show. I had and still have the best intension but if there’s no content there will not be a single click.

First of all. What I mean with a model: that’s a person who has a contract with a model agency. And if we have a shoot (paid or not) its always in their benefit (and mine) to do, commercial or portfolio. After a couple of years and a lot of shoots I finally got the models! Is the a but? yeah, there’s a but. I still like to shoot with #notamodel!

The professionals are always so good and easy to work with. They know how to model, you know what you get, understand my requests and I know what they want. Its always a blessing. So why work with (the easiest way to describe this way) #notamodel?

I gave it a lot of thinking and this story is a result of it. And the ground rule of all is that I want to make a stunning photo. So if I see a interesting face I want it in front of my camera. that’s the easy part. The hardest part is convince that person to see it just like I do in my mind. And I tell you that’s is still a struggle. The answer if they want to pose for me are usually positive and sometimes negative. The negative answer are 9/10 “that’s not for me.” I can live with that, dissapointing but okay. If I’m not satisfied with the answer I asked again. The thing is that I needed to learn how to cope with a rejection. In my mind I want to make and give them something awesome, how can they refuse!? I don’t know everything and its always a good reason not to do, because its their reason. I know that now.

The story of a photographer who wants to show what he sees in that particular person.